Exhale - Note from the Youth Director

New Year’s Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions always amaze me. We tell ourselves, "New year. New me." For many of us, this pans out as attempting to work out more, eat less junk food, quit a bad habit, or go to church more consistently. What we are actually telling ourselves, whether we realize it or not, is that we have not been the best versions of ourselves. We can do better. Yet, every New Year, we set a new resolution. Is this a way of telling ourselves that we are constantly failing, or a way to tell ourselves that we can be better people? In a dream world, there would be no need for New Year's resolutions. Each day, we would live as the best forms of ourselves. We would be happy with every aspect of our life. We would love ourselves the way we are. But, the reality is, especially as youth, our society puts so much pressure on us to be perfect…to look perfect, to act perfect, to have the perfect life. These standards are impossible to live up to. So, how do we get ourselves into the habit of living that dream life, where we are who we are and that is perfectly fine? Wouldn't it be nice to not have to make New Year's resolutions because we live a life of love, acceptance, grace, and forgiveness every day of the year? I don't usually set a resolution for myself because I try to stay realistic. However, this year, my New Year's resolution is to accept myself for who I am, the imperfect, yet perfect, Becca…because that is a resolution I can stick with all year.

--- Becca Braundmeier, Youth Director